Children With Rare Genetic Disorders More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Developmental, Behavioral And Mental Health Problems, Study Finds

Children with rare genetic disorders more likely to be diagnosed with developmental, behavioral and mental health problems, study finds

With the advent of rapid whole genome sequencing, children presenting with an intellectual disability or developmental delay are recommended to have their DNA sequenced to identify the underlying genetic cause. Researchers have now published the results of an analysis of data from almost 2,800 young people with rare genomic variants -- changes to their DNA -- that are associated with intellectual disability.
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Sound Of Music: Ultrasound Exposure Improves Depressive Behavior In Rodents

Sound of music: Ultrasound exposure improves depressive behavior in rodents

It is well known that whole-body exposure to high frequency ultrasound increases brain activity in humans. However, little is known about its impact and associated mechanisms on emotional states like depression. Now researchers have recently demonstrated the anti-depressant effects of ultrasound exposure in a rodent model of depression. Their findings shed light on the potential of ultrasound exposure as a non-invasive treatment for mental disorders.
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Some Types Of Stress Could Be Good For Brain Functioning

Some types of stress could be good for brain functioning

It may feel like an anvil hanging over your head, but that looming deadline stressing you out at work may actually be beneficial for your brain, according to new research. The study found that low to moderate levels of stress can help individuals develop resilience and reduce the risk of developing mental health disorders, like depression and antisocial behaviors. Low to moderate stress can also help individuals to cope with future stressful encounters.
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