For People With Heart Defects, Mental Health Support Is Essential To Care At Every Age

For people with heart defects, mental health support is essential to care at every age

Resilience and a high quality of life are demonstrated by many individuals born with heart defects; however, they may face a range of health-related psychological and social challenges throughout their lives. A new scientific statement reviews potential psychological and social challenges that occur from infancy through adulthood among people born with heart defects and the types of mental health care that may be beneficial. The statement advocates for mental health professionals to be integrated within interdisciplinary teams that provide medical care to children and adults with congenital heart defects, which is more common in cancer care than cardiac care.
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Is Stroke Linked To Depression Before It Occurs?

Is stroke linked to depression before it occurs?

While depression is a common problem for people who have had a stroke, some people may have symptoms of depression years before their stroke, according to a new study. Researchers found that, in people who developed a stroke, symptoms of depression preceded the onset of stroke and further worsened after the stroke.
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Scientists Pinpoint Reason Why Women May Not Respond To Depression Treatments The Same As Men

Scientists pinpoint reason why women may not respond to depression treatments the same as men

Previous analyses within the nucleus accumbens showed that different genes were turned on or off in women, but not in men diagnosed with depression. These changes could have caused symptoms of depression, or alternatively, the experience of being depressed could have changed the brain -- a clue to why anti-depressants had not been successful for some women.
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