'Switching Off' Specific Brain Cells Protects Against Stress

'Switching off' specific brain cells protects against stress

Researchers have discovered a small group of brain cells in the claustrum that controls stress-induced anxiety behaviors. Manipulating the activity of these cells also altered anxiety-related behaviors, which suggested that these claustrum cells are key to the pathogenesis of stress-related mental disorders. Furthermore, this group of cells may be considered a new target for the treatment of stress-related conditions.
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Marijuana For Medical Use May Result In Rapid Onset Of Cannabis Use Disorder

Marijuana for medical use may result in rapid onset of cannabis use disorder

A new study shows that using cannabis products to treat pain, anxiety and depression failed to improve these symptoms while doubling the risk of developing the addictive symptoms of cannabis use disorder. People seeking cannabis to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression were at greatest risk of CUD. Contrary to evidence-based medicine, people with medical marijuana cards choose their own products and dosing, suggesting the need for better controls over dispensing, use, and professional follow-up of these patients.
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